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I haven't posted on LJ since 2007... maybe I'll get back to using it.

So on Monday I returned from my lovely trip to D*sney World. We stayed at one of the resorts Port Orleans: French Quarter. I LOVED it! With the new movie The Princess and the Frog being released in December, the resort was right out of New Orleans like the movie. As many times that I've been to DW/Florida, I've never been down during October. It was awesome to see all the Halloween decorations going down Main Street USA.

This was my friend Holly's first trip to D*isney...EVER! So I was excited to able to be with her for that. If only it hadn't been soooooo freakin' HOT! It was at least 90 degrees everyday (at night, too) with humidity. Along with all the walking at MGM (now Hollywood) Studios and Magic Kingdom and add the heat to that, we were wore out by the time we left on Sunday.

Then once I got home... I got sick! So basically I've been home for 5 days and have done nothing but sleep and take super hot baths. The internet is even boring me... And I have yet to unpack my luggage and put things away.

Hopefully once this sickness passes I will be able to unleash some of my idea's to different types of media. I HAVE to get caught up on my scrapbooking! As of right now... I'm about 3 years behind. Plus I have some cool ideas for paintings and plan on using alot of non-digital mediums b/c my tablet is DEaD...

With that maybe sometime tomorrow I will have a link with pictures from D*sney and JemCon.

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Jemgirl.com's Doll Re-root tool demo
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!
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Been makin' icons again. I'm constantly updating my DeviantArt, but seem to forget about the LJ communities. ^_^;


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Credit appreciated.
Don't Hot-Link.

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Why am I not surprised...

Anyways I've been sick for a week or so, and it totally sucks. The coughing, stuffy nose, ear infections, and the headaches...

Holly found out that her center is closing, so she was offered the management position in Knoxville. She was offered this once before but declined it on personal reasons. I really want to take this. Yeah she'll be away from me, but this would be awesome opportunity for her. Her sister just needs to stop giving her shit and just support her.

Okay the NyQuil is kicking in and I can't even concentrate on what I'm saying

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Not a ton of stuff going on. I'm working a ton! I have about 35ish out of my 100 dogs that I have to groom completed. Everyone is being super helpful about getting me dogs. If one of mine cancels, one of the other groomers allow me to steal their dog, so I'm just standing there being bored. So I should be making comission before the end of September, which is awesome because I need the money.

I'm all set for school to start back up again. I'm taking a math class, American History I, Ancient Modern History, and World Religions. Yes that last one is gonna be a turn around back to my Catholic school-girl days. I ordered my books and everything online. No stupid people. No lines. =) My only downfall is that I'm not exactly sure when classes start... Maybe I should check on that...

Today was my day off... and I didn't really do anything... I made my bed... um... yeah. I went to go see Becoming Jane with my cousin and some of her friends. I was at least a head taller than everyone there! I'm only 5'8''! Alright, I'm gonna shut off Benny (my laptop) and try and read a bit of my book.


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Well I've done it! Completed my four fucking weeks of grooming training. Surprisingly I didn't kill anybody... I came close on few different occasions... but thought better of it in the log run. When you have 8 fucking girls staying in a hotel and working together for a month, there's bond to be some drama. I was like the fucking Real World. [pout]

OKAY. Enough with my ranting.

Today I'm having my 22nd Birthday Bash. I'm having a Luau. GO PALM TREES! But I have this feeling that only Holly's gonna show up. I can't seem to get ahold of Inas to see if she's coming or not. Sabrina has to work. Michael is...Michael. So who knows what the hell is gonna happen. =( Eh... If no one shows I guess I'll just have to read Harry Potter.

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The only thing I have to say to this... THAT'S F.U.C.K.I.N.G HOT!!!!!!

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Comment to be added.



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